About US


      Peaceitout LLC was created with the idea that wholesale products could be pieced out and sold at the bulk price for each peace. This is done by combining the revenue generated from customer purchases. We then buy products in bulk loads from wholesale sellers and producers directly. And that's it, we peace it out to each consumer that buys here at Peaceitout.com.


       We work along with a very modest profit margin so we can give everyone the wholesale bulk price that is usually only generated by merchants and retail companies buying bulk goods. The idea works best when we sell more of a particular item. The more people that buy a product helps us buy bigger lot sizes. Which, directly affects the monetary cost to the consumer for that product. When there are low sales of a product, we still work to get the lowest cost for consumers.


     We desire to continue developing and expanding this idea. We have many more ideas coming in the near future that could drop our wholesale prices to numbers that are below even what our suppliers offer us now. 


      We will only work with suppliers and manufacturers that offer products of high quality with no shipping cost. It's significant to most consumers and us. All the products we sell have free shipping and a 30 day, no questions asked money back policy. 


      Products being offered currently include Lingerie, Women's Jewelry, Women's Beauty Products and Women's Health related items. With a sister store opening in early 2017 offering Electronics, Sporting Goods, and Apparel.


      If you buy anything through Peaceitout and later you find that same item being sold for a cheaper price somewhere else with free shipping and a money back policy. We will reward you with the cash equal to the difference in the cost and our thanks, as we want to know if we are obtaining the cheapest price and the highest quality from our suppliers. 


     Thanks for Shopping at your wholesale connection, Peaceitout. 


In concert, we can drive down costs by cutting out the retail markup.